Designing for the digital world with custom applications, mobile apps, websites, the internet
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Technology Hub Services

Custom Application Development

Designing & developing new custom applications, systems, portals & platforms.

Websites & CMS Systems

Campaign sites, microsites and websites designed on enterprise CMS systems for teams, companies and corporations to publish and control content.

Google Apps for Business

A certified Google Partner, find a suite of support for Google for Business, Workplace, Education, Analytics and search technology.

Marketing Automation & Lead Gen

Design landing pages, online forms and calls to action created for conversion and engagement of customer service, sales or communications.

Mobile & Tablet Applications

Development of mobile and tablet apps for sales, productivity, proximity marketing, gamification, products & digital services.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine audits, meta data, strategic search phrases and high value content will support your search engine marketing optimization, search results and search engine rankings.

Platforms & Portals

Digital products designed for sales, performance, communication, customer service, and influencing.

Web & Application Hosting

Cloud hosting with robust security, network redundancy, web application firewalls and layered protection from the operating systems to the top of the tech stack.

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Designer and developer of the first two player native iOS mobile application created to play a game of virtual Ping Pong using two mobile devices as game paddles. Quanterion math was used for orientation, rotations and dimensions with the app catching the attention of Apple for its creative use of multiple connected phones, gesture and motion technology.

collaborations Case Study
Ivanhoé Cambridge

Strip malls and street level plazas were taking market share and Ivanhoé management wanted innovative ways to engage shoppers into malls. A 'Spring Fling' app for shoppers was created in a flip book featuring fashion and gamifying a scavenger hunt to encourage shoppers to sign up play with their fave brands.

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Ernst & Young

A web app branded Me connected hundreds of employees in six locations across multiple time zones at a conference in the United States. With employee engagement the focus, myJourney teams raced across mountains and valleys, overcame crossroads and obstacles, and decided on destinations designed to map and guide, and grow their careers.

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Design thinking, ideation and creativity was the name of the game in this immersive experience. Designed to give people the 'feel' of the Mini Cooper, placing on the goggles took 'drivers' into the raceway to speed through the course and feel the engine in this immersive augmented reality experience.

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A team with an amazing ability to bring high energy brainstorming combining creativity with technology, mashing tech up into innovative ideas showcasing emerging technology.

David Neumann, TVO Manager, IdeaShaker Innovation Lab | Humber College, Professor, Faculty of Media & Creative Arts

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collaborations Case Study

The Dazzle of Christie Digital

Partnering with Christie Digital on engagements gave us our first foray into the playful art of digital screens and gesture technology. The opportunity to blend social media, mobile apps, and location based technology will delight and dazzle you.

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There are always challenges in business and there is no need to face them on their own. We can give you good company, great work or just a person to lean on for a quick question or help figuring out a problem.


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Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.

Carl Sagan