Scientists, inventors, innovators and entrepreurs, working within corporations or on their own,
all have creativity combined with a little bit of crazy. They are passionate, persistent and typically
a little impatient. In their mind the value of what they are creating needs no explanation, as they can
already envision its impact as a reality in the future.



Mad Labs Services

Design Thinking & Product Ideation

Design thinking is, always linked to an improved future. Unlike critical thinking, which is a process of analysis and is associated with the ‘breaking down’ of ideas, design thinking is a creative process based around the ‘building up’ of ideas.

Product Design & Development

Product ideas and features evolve to identify your minimum viable product for the market. Feasibility, technical challenges, engineering and market needs will collectively define your product potential.

Requirements Analysis & Technology Roadmaps

New platforms, digital products and online services need specifications.  In market apps need feature upgrades and releases. Launch your systems, features and functionality with a roadmap.

Product Branding & Marketing

Creating a logo is only the beginning.  You need to establish your brand promise, visual identity, verbal identity, positioning in the marketplace and marketing materials.

User interface & User Experience Design

Understand the needs of your audiences, customers and users with needs analysis and use cases. Transform these use cases into user journeys, and map user journeys into digital designs and intuitive experiences.

Application Prototypes

Bring conceptual designs of software apps and platforms to life with high fidelity creative layouts connected by click through menu systems, navigation and screen flows.

Application Development

The full stack of Installing operating systems, architecting databases, developing backends, scripting processing logic, and creating presentation layers with frontend development, to build custom software systems and applications.

Web & Application Hosting

Secure cloud based development, staging, and production environments and repositories to support the promotion of software updates, versioning and workflows.

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collaborations Case Study

Alarm Force

A call for help came in from AlarmForce to improve its technology for home surveillance systems. Working directly with CEO Anthony Pizzeria and teams of developers, a mobile application was designed for the secure monitoring of residential and commercial spaces. The app was pushed live to market alongside CEO Graham Baden, stepping in at the time of launch.

collaborations Case Study
Cosm Medical

A clinicians portal designed to support nurse practioners, gynaecologists, urogynecolists and sub specialists working within the medical sector in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders.

collaborations Case Study
Circuit IQ

A mobile application combined with connected hardware plugs takes the frustration out of managing outdated panels or mapping new circuits for new builds. Map your circuits with ease and label panels in a breeze.

collaborations Case Study

A mobile app designed to find sample sales for haute couture fashion. Manhattan sales were 'popped up' with little notice and shoppers would rush to sites across the city. An 'iota' is infinitesimally small which spelled backwards is 'à toi' - to you - in French. A little hint to you.

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The prototyping, iteration and brainstorming alongside the Madhatter team has helped us elevate and embrace the principles of design thinking while unlocking new levels of our creativity!

Mike Weaver, CEO CoachThem

  • Mad Labs Technology Roadmapping


Product Development

Depending on your business model and go-to-market strategy, you may want to roll out your digital product across different devices.  Your technology strategy will depend on the needs and priorities of your target market and the budget designated for your technology products, applications, platforms and services. 

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There are always challenges in business and there is no need to face them on their own. We can give you good company, great work or just a person to lean on for a quick question or help figuring out a problem.



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I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy. My reality is just different than than yours

Lewis Carroll, Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland