Within each engagement we delight in designing new pieces of artwork for you.
Our ability to blend branding, marketing and technology, means all of your creative
is strategically crafted to pixel perfection. The brand and digital experiences are
always architected and visually designed with your audiences in mind.

Creative Suite Services

User Interface & User Experience Design

Designing interfaces and positive customer experiences within your digital products, software, custom applications, and online service offerings.

Website & Microsite Designs

Designing corporate websites, microsites, and product websites with new digital media or redesigning existing or legacy applications.

Mobile Application Design

Design of prototypes with interactivity and screen flows to develop, improve, test and experience your mobile app - before you code.

Product & Platform Design

Product development of software applications, portals, platforms, digital media products and legacy system upgrades to create improved user experiences.

Digital Brandscape Design

Establish your digital media presence to ensure your visual brand identity is creatively designed and aligned across all web, mobile, social and digital media platforms.

Video Storytelling & Interactive Animations

Build your brand with authentic storytelling to extend your reach, show your worth, share your experience, and tell your story.

Campaign Creation & Digital Engagement

Design ways to delight, excite and move your audiences to action with emotional brand experiences.

Marketing Automation & Social Media

Create brand demand with creative ways to engage audiences digitally, with social media to tell your story, and landing pages designed for conversion.

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collaborations Case Study


Credit cards and loyalty programs can be confusing and the market is highly competitive. Challenged to find a way to educate consumers of card benefits, a mobile app is designed to understand your lifestyle. Within a few fun taps, a card is recommended with the perks and points for the life you love to live.

collaborations Case Study

Budweiser desired an innovative tech campaign for younger Canadians. Working in collaboration with marketing agency Grip Limited, and our telco friends at Fibernetics, we designed the first VOIP app for marketing in the Budd Phone.   Call home for free Canada!

collaborations Case Study
Just Keep Livin'

Matthew McConaughey wanted a digital brand presence for the in store launch of his clothing line. With Just Keep Livin' sharing his style and his lifestyle online with the website launch leading up to his Oscar win, everything was Alright, Alright, Alright.

collaborations Case Study
Africa Portal

The South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) and the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) succeeded in their mission to make critical African policy research visible, transparent and accessible

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This is a unique and creative process that opened up new ideas and approaches which have strengthened our work and services.

Debbie Hoekstra, VP Community Services, YMCA

  • Whiteboard Room
  • Design Thinking Session


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The Collision of Art, Economy & Technology

In Italy during the renaissance era, Florence established a brand which stands today. A city built by the people, had the Medici banking family at the helm of the economy, at the same time Leonardo da Vinci was ideating technology innovation and Michelangelo was defining stunning sculptures.  This magical collision of art, economy and technology defines the epicentre of the era.

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There are always challenges in business and there is no need to face them on their own. We can give you good company, great work or just a person to lean on for a quick question or help figuring out a problem.

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Oh how I long to run away from normal days! I want to run wild with my imagination.

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland