First female boxer in history to win two international gold medals


Mandy Bujold is a ten time Canadian National Champion and is the first female boxer in history to win two international gold medals. The Pan American Games medals were won back to back, first in 2011 and again with Mandy defending her title in 2015. She represented Canada in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil, as a flyweight boxer in the 49-51 kg weight class. As a female athlete, in an unconventional sport for women, there was a need to help bring awareness of her fight to reach the top of the podium.

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Mandy Box


As Mandy focused on training, the Mad Hatter strategists and creative team were planning a place online where family, friends and fans could reach out and Send Mandy a Message.

The Mandy Madness campaign and website launched in the days leading up to the opening ceremonies in Rio. The social media strategy #MandyMadness and community engagement #Msgs4Mandy gained momentum.

Mandy Boxing

The website was loved by all for connecting Mandy with her fans and giving the nation a way to help inspire and support her in the greatest fight of her life. To give back her support, Mandy captured "Mandy Minutes" with a video of her sharing her day at the end each night in the Athlete's village, giving followers a way to connect with her journey.

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Mandy Standing

Brave Bujold battled illness in her final fight capturing the hearts of Canadians who declared her a true olympian.

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Over the course of the first week of the Olympics @Mandy Bujold had nearly two million impressions, with over 280,000 unique accounts interacting with her account.

The community engagement surrounding #MandyMadness generated over 320,000 impressions during the first week alone with nearly 260,000 accounts reached. The hashtag was utilized by top level influencers and media outlets such as CBC Olympics and Heather Hiscox. The messages were heartfelt, emotional and inspirational.


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