"This augmented-reality experience—both the covers and the ads—represents innovation, creativity, and next-level storytelling—longtime hallmarks of The New Yorker." - Lisa Hughes, publisher and chief revenue officer of The New Yorker


Completely transforming print media and advertising, the New Yorker's Innovators Issue combines augmented reality, mobile apps and art in a brilliant branding move. Designer Christoph Niemann created two augmented reality covers, along with a few ads within the issue, that interact with the New Yorker's designated mobile app.


augmented reality experience of New Yorker cover with a mobile app


The design is hauntingly beautiful as it follows a New Yorker on her journey through the city on one of the subway lines. With two different covers, the reader can interact with different views of the journey, be it the bright, yellow experience or the darker, black version.


the new yorker's augmented reality experience using mobile apps


"The idea of an augmented or virtual reality is inherent in any drawing—it's almost the definition of a drawing," - Christoph Niemann


the New Yorker's augmented reality experience using mobile apps


Watch the video of the New Yorker's augmented reality mobile app experience below:


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